Friday, February 20, 2015

Trip to Idaho - Day 1 - Bowling & Playing Outside


Parker (back), Lincoln, Logan, Rose (l to r)

Logan & Parker

Doggy door is always a hit!

Race Time! (Matthew in the middle)

Bowling... Grandpa in charge

Rachel & Darrin

Aunt Mindy with Logan

(L to R) Matthew, Lincoln, Parker, Rose

Grandpa helping Lincoln



The most popular activity... eating the pretzels!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trip to Idaho - traveling

(June 22, 2014)

I took Lincoln, Parker, and Charity with me to visit family in Idaho from the 22nd to the 27th. Both my sisters were there, and since the twins will NOT nap anywhere but in their own cribs, I thought it would be a good idea. Jesse stayed home with Griffin & Oliver, and off we went!

I was nervous about the actual traveling... since both boys are potty trained (and Parker seems to have a tiny bladder...). But I just planned on stopping once for up to about an hour, and possibly one more 20 minute stop to feed the baby.

We left after church at about nap time, so I told Lincoln and Parker if they took a nap, they could watch a show on the iPad. After I said that, I think Lincoln was asleep in 3 minutes. Charity woke up in the Salt Lake area, so we stopped for dinner at a sit-down restaurant so I could feed her and we could have a semi-private booth. I was quickly reminded why I do not take our kids to sit-down restaurants EVER anymore. Parker was running around the restaurant while I was feeding Charity. Charity despised the nursing cover, so I ended up just nursing her as discreetly as possible in front of the waiter (sorry!). And both boys would hardly touch their food. I made sure not to give any snacks in the van beforehand so they would eat a decent dinner. But basically they each ate a couple bites of chicken and a cup of milk. Oh well.
This is not at all how it seemed...

Then after we crossed the Idaho border, Charity woke up again to eat. I let the boys run around this little bridge while I nursed her. It was almost dark so I wanted to wear them out so they would sleep once we got to Grandma's house.

Charity woke up again, but I just powered through it and kept driving since we were less than an hour away at that point. We got there at just before 11pm. Time to party!

Oliver with his baby sister

(June 19, 2014)

Oliver came up to Charity and was right in her face playing with her (gently!). It was pretty cute.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Date Night...with Charity

(June 13, 2014)

For the first couple months of Charity's life, she got to join us for date night. As long as she slept through dinner and a movie, or whatever else we did, it was easy. She started being more awake... so now we usually leave her at home with the babysitters (yes, more than one!) if we can find two, that is.

She is almost 2 months old in these pictures & video. She started smiling with some prompting about 6 weeks. Love it!!!

We went to dinner, and afterwards it was so pleasant outside (we had been in the 100's, but this week it was a lot cooler) we took a walk around the temple, pushing Charity in her stroller.

Lincoln Falling Asleep on Mommy

(June 8, 2014)

I can't remember what I was doing on my computer... but Lincoln wanted to watch. Very quickly he fell asleep. Church wears us all out.


(June 12, 2014)

I wanted to take pictures of the boys for Father's Day and get them printed, and then put them in a frame he could keep on his desk at his office... but it was so stinkin' hot outside (it was even 10am!) already, so all the kids were grumpy that I was making them do something so horrifying... It turned out cuter than I thought it would, but still not something I would want to print and put in a frame... maybe I will have more forethought another year...

Twin Play

(June 2, 2014)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Babies x 3

(May 30, 2014)

Babies holding a baby? Am I crazy????

Star Chart

(May 30, 2014)

I wanted some sort of incentive to help me get the kids doing things I want. Such as chores, naps, waking up dry in the morning, etc.

So I made this:

They get pretty excited when I offer them a star - I just need to remember to offer them!


(May 30, 2014)

What do you do when it's hot outside?

Sneak outside and turn on the sprinkler. Make sure you get all your clothes wet since you just got clean clothes on. Even better - make sure you are wearing socks and shoes!

(Don't let Mom find out!)

Charity - 1 month

(May 19, 2014)

Lincoln - Preschool Graduation

(May 16, 2014)

Lincoln had his graduation with a little program of a lot of the things they learned throughout the year. There were a lot of songs, songs with little actions, and Lincoln didn't seem too big into performing. He was pretty proud of himself though. He was really happy that both Jesse and I were there. Most of the kids in his class he won't see until maybe high school (if then), so I thought he would talking to his friends afterwards. But no... he was more into the little water squirter present he got with his certificate, and the refreshments! Milk and cookies... yum!

Lincoln (far left)

Waving at Mom & Dad!

Look how little they are...

Getting his certificate from his teacher, Miss Tracy

Miss Tracy with Lincoln

STG Children's Museum

(May 15, 2014)

Stir-crazy again... I braved going to the St. George Children's Museum with the younger 4 while Lincoln was at preschool. The kids always love it and get so worn out. Love that!

Oliver is such a goof! He is always trying to make us laugh!

Lincoln's Preschool - Mother's Day Tea Party

(May 9, 2014)

Lincoln's preschool does a little program for the mothers near Mother's Day. It was short and sweet, and we had some cookies and punch afterwards. They were encouraged to wear princess outfits, and boas, and gloves... anything fancy. So Lincoln wore a shirt and tie. As we came into his preschool, he was so embarrassed he was wearing church clothes. It was pretty funny. After I pointed out that there were others in his class wearing fancy clothes, too, he relaxed a little. There was even a boy who made his mom wear a tiara & dress to go as Ana and he wore a Prince Hans (both from Frozen) outfit - adorable!

Look how cute it was decorated! We had pretend tea served in little tea cups. Cute!

Lincoln - To the right of the girl with a hat

How cute!

I couldn't get a cute picture with him. He only wanted to make silly faces...